Consultancy in choosing and designing self-adhesive labels. Pot fi realizate din: Paper Polyethylene Polypropylene PVC PET They are commonly used in: Food industry (food and beverages) Cosmetic industry Pharmaceutical industry Chemical industry (detergents, oils) Auto industry

Flexible packaging

We find the best solutions to optimally produce flexible packaging for any product. Flexible packaging – monolayer or multilayer sheets, special barrier sheets, polyethylene paper, printed up to 8 colors. Flexible packaging – Printed and stamped on various types of cardboard up to 600 microns in thickness;

Packaging – monolayer sheets

Unlaminated sheets that can be: Whites Transparent Pearl Metallize They are especially used in the food industry for: Labeling of PET bottles Promotional tapes, other packaging

Packaging – multilayer films

Sheets obtained by laminating two or more layers. They are especially used in the food industry for: Sweets packaging Chips packaging Coffee pack Instant packing, sauces (ketchup, mayonnaise, etc.) Packaging of flavors and spices Packaging of milk powder They can also be used successfully in the pharmaceutical industry for vitamins, premixes, the chemical industry for…

Packaging – Shrink sleeve

Labels made of special PVC material that shrinks. – They are applied on various containers giving a special design, wholly or partially embracing their surface. – They can serve as seals for the containers on which they are applied.

Packaging – cardboard boxes

We are the only producer in Romania to print and stamp cartons in flexographic technology, delivering fast and low cost compared to other printing technologies. We can produce duplex or triplex cartons of GC, GD or SBS type with a thickness up to 600 microns for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical or food industry.

Importer and direct distributor

Thermal-ribbon printing band ZEBRA, SONY, TEC Role of cash register Importer / distributor / reseller of specialized equipment for automatic bar code printing and reading, barcode readers, thermal printers and consumables for them – Toshiba Tec, Zebra, Symbol, DataLogic Importer / distributor of ALIPACK and SATO labels and markers Equipment consultancy and service for printing…

In-Line Printing Equipment Labels and Flexible Packaging

mounted on automatic packaging lines or automatic label application systems allow printing of various types of flexible packaging or self-adhesive labels of variable information – text, barcode, date / batch, image are extremely reliable, with high print speeds and designed for an industrial work environment the available print resolution is 300 dpi and the print…

Automatic label application equipment

The types of automated application equipment we provide to our customers are: automatic application heads mounted on packaging lines print & apply systems that integrate printing and labeling in a single process automatic application lines that intersect within the packaging lines or at the end of the wrapping and allow labels to be applied to…